Hello and welcome to our School Learning Council Homepage!

On here you will be able to find out who has been chosen to represent our school council, keep up to date with all the exciting changes and developments we have been discussing in our meetings as well as how we are planning to make sure these changes HAPPEN in our school!

The School Council is over-seen and supported by Miss Sahonta but LED by the children themselves.

Eden and Dylan are our year 6 School Council leaders who will record and document all the important discussions in our meetings as well as organising and monitoring any spending budgets we might have.

Each class in the school also has a class rep – it is their responsibility to share their opinions and thoughts with the rest of the council, keep any important notes and report any developments back to the other children (and the teacher!) in their class!

The council meets once a week and are expected to lead a school assembly occasionally in order to share our plans with the rest of the school…after all, they are the voice of the pupils!! One last thing…need anything or want your opinions to be heard, tell your class rep.- they’ are here to help!


New Marston School Leaning Council Representatives 2017-2018:

Year 1 – Martin and Evie

Year 2 – Chloe and Sophie

Year 3 – Tomlin and Caitlin

Year 4 – David and Shermon

Year 5 – Kareem and Patrick

Year 6 – Eden and Dylan


Projects the School Council have worked on 2017 – 2018:

  • Researching where our money goes when we donate to Children in Need and presenting this information during an assembly.
  • Organising a cake and book sale where the school raised £368 for Children in Need
  • We proposed to Miss Smith we would like to mix the key stage one and key stage two playgrounds so we can all play together. This is now happening on a Friday lunchtime only, which is a fantastic end to the week.
  • The house names were previously names of colours. We researched scientists who changed the world and showed incredible growth mind set to replace the colours with. We chose
  • Red is Einstein
  • Yellow is Curie
  • Blue is Edison
  • Green is Hawking
  • We are monitoring the lights around the school by making sure they are not left on and checking taps are not left running. Through careful research we have found out that leaving lights on has a negative impact on the environment and people’s health.


Projects we are working on:

  • Debating what playground equipment to buy
  • How to encourage reading in the school and at home