School Vision:

Through a rich, challenging and ambitious curriculum, we prepare our children to contribute actively and positively to their wider world. We help them to aim higher, reach further and shine brighter.

                                                             “Aim Higher, Reach Further, Shine Brighter”

New Marston School Ethos

Our ethos is encapsulated in our vision and values. We insist on the perfect environment for happiness and hard work and our school is a calm, happy culture, based on mutual kindness, respect and exciting learning opportunities.

New Marston School Values

We have 5 “umbrella” values, with examples of each. These help guide our behaviour and attitudes towards school and each other.

Growth is a personal way of making sure things get better all the time.
wants to learn new things every day
takes opportunities to flourish
is ambitious for itself
wants to learn from others
is confident it can do well
always tries its best

Kindness is always being thoughtful to others.
is mindful of others
is respectful
respects itself and others
shows appreciation
helps others

Grit is being a strong person when we need to be.
faces difficulties
has inner strength
chooses a creative response to challenges
seeks solutions to problems
believes in its own abilities
learns from mistakes
bounces back

We belong to our community.
celebrates diversity
knows its place in the world
contributes to society and the world we live in
welcomes others equally
grows friendship

Integrity is when we do the right thing even if no-one is looking.
is doing the right thing when no-one is looking
takes a stand for what is right….even when it’s not popular
has a strong sense of self
is being our true self
thinks first
is being our true self