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The Eco-council and School learning council were invited to St Nicholas school to be part of a respect walk. We learn about respect for our bodies and the environment as well as the overall value of respect. We heard representatives from the Jewish, Islamic, Roman Catholic, Hindu and the Church of England talk about how their religions express respect. We also had delicious chocolate biscuits to top off the occasion!


Ever wanted to know a bit more about what we do during eco council? Watch the video and find out!

New Marston Health route: as part of the Marston community we were asked to take part in the Marston Health route. This is a 2.5 mile walk around the Marston area that has been designed to encourage people to take regular exercise. On Wednesday 18th November we completed the walk and took pictures to build our own feature map.
Find out more at https://nhsforest.org/
Here we are on the second leg or our walk after a play in the park!
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Sophia had a brilliant time as she helped lead the walk
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What’s under your feet? We are taking part in a citizen science activity alongside British Trust for Ornithology. We are looking at the impact climate change has on birds in the UK.. For one week, in October, March and June, we will undertake an experiment to find out What’s Under our Feet and give the scientists at the BTO help to determine:
1. If there is a link between bird numbers and soil invertebrate numbers.
2. How different types of soil affect the invertebrates contained within it.
Find out more at https://jointhepod.org/campaigns/campaign/51

Energy month: November was energy month. We kicked off with switch off fortnight where the whole school made an effort to ensure no electronic devices were left on. We began with an environmental audit of how eco-friendly our school was. We then advised classes on any simple changes that can be made and support them with changes. We gave them red or green cards depending on how many appliances they had switched on at the plug or on standby. We found Year 6 Elm were teaching with the lights off and just using the natural light from the sun!
Find out more at https://jointhepod.org/campaigns/campaign/50