This page will tell you more about our school aims, what makes our school unique, and what our pupils, parents, staff and visitors say about us.

Our school aims are:

  1. Our school is unique.  We are proud to be part of our school.
  • Our diversity of languages and cultures enrich the school experience for our learners.
  • Our pupils love learning and our teachers love teaching.
  1. We will prepare our children with excellent learning skills to meet the demands of a fast changing world.
  • Children leave our school as confident, ambitious and independent learners equipped with the skills for a fast changing world.
  • Children have good social skills. They are kind, considerate and show respect for all.
  • Every child feels valued. Their strengths, whether these are academic, technical, artistic, scientific or physical are recognised, celebrated and developed.
  1. We will enrich the learning experience for our children using the school environment and local facilities.
  • Our curriculum is exciting and fun and makes full use of our own school facilities, grounds and the local area.
  • Effective links are made with parents and those living in the local area.
  • Children are involved in our local community and the local community are involved with the school.

What makes our school different?

  • We spend time getting to know individual needs and abilities including our gifted and talented. Our curriculum is tailored around the pupils’ interests so as far as possible the pupils help to choose the topics. We believe this is the key to inspiring and motivating our learners.
  • We teach our pupils to be independent learners. We encourage our pupils to be fully involved in their learning and their successes and teach them the skills to problem solve and continually strive to achieve.
  • We want our pupils to be responsible. Pupils are given special responsibilities across the school including Prefects in Year 6, making school decisions in the Eco and School Councils, being Community Stars (helping out in the community) and being House captains.
  • Our staff are committed to continually developing their own skills through training and visiting other classes and schools. We also encourage regular feedback on how we are doing through our bi-annual questionnaires and termly ‘Have your say’ meetings for parents.
  • We value the importance of outdoor learning and all our classes in FS and KS1 have their outdoor areas.

This is what our pupils say about our school:

  • ‘Our school helps you to be a better person and motivates you to achieve the best you can.’
  • ‘We get to choose our topics. Learning is fun; we get to do lots of games.’
  • ‘There is no bullying. It’s a safe school. Our teachers make sure we are happy.’
  • ‘New Marston has great opportunities to make friends across the school in Friendship Time, House events and Take over day.’

This is what our parents say about our school:

  • ‘There is an excellent sense of community.’
  • ‘Our children enjoy going to school due to the care and teaching they receive.’
  • ‘Communication is great between school and home. I can always talk to the teachers if I need to.’
  • ‘The staff make a great team in helping our children to learn.’

This is what our staff say about our school:

  • ‘We recognise and celebrate all talents even the staff’s.’
  • ‘We have fantastic school grounds and playgrounds for the children to play and learn in.’
  • ‘Our children are happy.’
  • ‘Our school values (Perseverance, respect, teamwork and enthusiasm) are important to all.’

This is what our visitors say:

  • ‘We were really impressed by the enthusiasm of your pupils.’
  • ‘The atmosphere in your school is very welcome. I would love to return to your supportive and happy school.’
  • ‘I admire all the hard work that goes on, you all do an amazing job!’

New Marston Primary School is part of the River Learning Trust. Please read about the Trust Principles here.