At New Marston Primary School, we are always looking at ways in which we can improve our work with parents and carers and also establish stronger links within our community. Therefore, we have embarked on an exciting national award called Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) which we hope to achieve by January 2020. It is a challenging, but rewarding, venture that should impact on every child, parent, carer, member of staff and our local community.

The LPPA offers long term benefits such as improved pupil attendance and behaviour and increased parental involvement and support. We hope that by improving links with parents and the community we can nurture a welcoming and warm environment for everyone coming to visit our school.

One of the areas that we will be looking at is Life Long Learning within the school for parents. We will be looking at a variety of courses for parents to attend which will develop their own knowledge and skills which in turn will be of great benefit to their child. If anyone has any ideas of courses that they would like at New Marston, then please let us know.

We are very excited about gaining this award and the opportunities that will open up to our community.

So far we have…

  • Invited Oxford City into school to run courses for parents in English and Maths.
    • Developed our Facebook page to get out important messages, celebrate children’s work and give you a glimpse into school life here.
    • Erected new signs and notice boards around the school so that important information can be displayed and visitors know where to go.
    • Made more links with our local schools and groups such as Oxford City so that the whole community can feel as proud of New Marston as we do and we can help within the local community.
    • Invited parents into Reception and Year 1 to share a story on a Wednesday morning.
    • Set up Friday morning drop in sessions where Parents/Carers can come, sit and chat with a cup of coffee and ask for help with (literally!) anything or use our laptops.
    • Created displays to share our updated vision and values more clearly.
    • Trialled ‘Class Dojo’ and ‘Tapestry’ – online portfolios of your child’s work so you can see what learning has been taking place for your child.
    • Invited Parents/Carers to join their child for Phonics and have some advice on how they can support their child at home.
    • Continued English classes for Parents/Carers to whom the language is relatively new.
  • Organised events for over the summer holidays allowing for improved transition and to support Parents/Carers over the holidays.
    • Set up a lending library for our Story Sacks in the nursery.
    • Started a ‘Governor of the Term’ programme so parents know who the governors are and how they can help. You may have noticed Harriet in the newsletter!

So far this academic year we have….

  • Set up a translation tool on our website so all parents can access information with ease.
  • Provided more regular feedback to parents via mid-year reports.
  • Rolled out Class Dojo and embedded Tapestry. 
  • Ensured all parents are invited to at least one trip per year with their child. 
  • Invited parents into school to join their children for lessons.
  • Written a home-school agreement and shared this via our website. 

What we would like to do by the end of this year….

  • Revamp our induction for pupils and Parents/Carers
  • Use class dojo to film weekly; we want to show what we are doing so you can help at home.
  • Set up translation buddies for families who have English as an additional language.
  • Set up a café, run by pupils, so parents can stay and have a coffee and a chat after assemblies.
  • Invite parents to join us for lunch regularly.

If you would like any more information about what we have done, have any ideas on how we can improve or would be like to be part of our committee then please do not hesitate to come and speak to Rachel Vlachonikolis (Inclusion Lead) or Stephanie Best (Parent Governor).

Follow this link for further information: