Our Values

At New Marston, we teach Values in our weekly Monday assembly. Children who exhibit this “Value” during the week are added to a class recognition board, with the aim being that all children will be on the board by the Friday of that week.

05 – Poster – VAAs             Assemblies Term 5 and 6



Our Behaviour Policy states that our school rules are:

Be kind and respectful

Be safe

Be an active learner


Since September 2017, the values we have been focusing on have been:

Having good manners

Using kind words

Doing kind deeds


After half-term we will be focusing on being good learners through developing

Growth Mindset

An active approach to learning


We will soon be looking at developing a whole-school vision and identifying which values are the most important to us.


Our Aims

  1. Our school is unique.  We are proud to be part of our school.
  • Our diversity of languages and cultures enrich the school experience for our learners.
  • Our pupils love learning and our teachers love teaching.
  1. We will prepare our children with excellent learning skills to meet the demands of a fast changing world.
  • Children leave our school as confident, ambitious and independent learners equipped with the skills for a fast changing world.
  • Children have good social skills. They are kind, considerate and show respect for all.
  • Every child feels valued. Their strengths, whether these are academic, technical, artistic, scientific or physical are recognised, celebrated and developed.
  1. We will enrich the learning experience for our children using the school environment and local facilities.
  • Our curricular is exciting and fun and makes full use of our own school facilities, grounds and the local area.
  • Effective links are made with parents and those living in the local area.
  • Children are involved in our local community and the local community are involved with the school.


 River Learning Trust Principles

New Marston Primary School is part of the River Learning Trust. Please read about the Trust Principles here.