New Marston Times issue 3

Welcome to the third issue of the The New Marston Times. Things have changed a bit as we're now running on Thursdays at after-school club and we've moved production into the IT lab, so now everyone can get onto a computer and start making some great content for the site. Or play games, but it's a work in progress. This issue features an introduction to New Marston, a short story, game, book and music reviews, and a great piece of writing from one of our Year 6 students. If you can't make it to the Thursday sessions, please pass any submissions along to Ms Salido, and we'll be sure to publish them.

Issue 3 20th January 2018

Want to know about our brilliant school?

If you are lucky enough to step into the life of our fantastic New Marston Primary School, you will be greeted by brilliant teachers, warm-hearted students and the best education all living in a safe environment.


Our lovely teachers are all very supportive. They always do their best to teach us all that we need to know. Who knew that all the best teachers in the world would end up in our school? No matter what the lesson is about, it is always full of fun and excitement.


The smart students of our wonderful school are not only helpful and kind, they are also very supportive of each other. If a child is new to our school and doesn’t have a friend to play with, a group of our friendly students will definitely let him or her join in their game. If you want smart and kind friends, come to New Marston.


With our simple tiger values, it makes it easier for our children to learn. We always have the best resources to help them learn. The children themselves are so curious to learn that they forget about their playtime. The education is always very fun and exciting. Whether the lesson is science, PE or maths every day, the students discover at least one new thing.

So we recommend that you come to New Marston if you want helpful teachers, friendly friends and a really good education.

A short story

Kelis' drawing of Tom scoring a goal

Once there was a boy who loved football and his name was Tom. He loved it that much, that he went training every Wednesday and every Saturday he had a football match. He was football crazy, he had football posters everywhere in his room. Then one day he had a big problem no one could take him to the match so he decided to run there instead. And he got there safe and made his team win the match.

The Adventures of Captain Underpants.

Captain Underpants book coverCaptain Underpants is a really funny book and movie! He is a superhero who’s in his underwear. The two main characters are George and Harold and they hypnotise their evil principle, Mr Krupp. They make Mr Krupp think he is Captain Underpants so he went off to fight crime.

I think people should read and watch Captain Underpants because it is really funny and awesome.

There is no such thing as a Meaning

Think about the last action you performed. What was its ultimate goal? Certainly it was ultimately towards pleasure. Did you take a few steps in the direction of home? Why did you want to get home? To eat; to drink; to sleep; to survive, allowing you to gain more pleasure in the long term. You choose to go to university; because you want a job, because you want money, to survive, to gain more pleasure. Essentially, all actions have an ultimate goal of pleasure. Actions may also be to avoid displeasure; imagine you are being chased by a Canadian cult of middle aged Spanish teachers. If they capture you, you will be tortured to death, and you know they will inevitably find you, so you kill yourself; actively taking an action towards death, even though you have been trying to avoid it all your life; simply to avoid displeasure.

You can always find a more general goal built off your initial goal, until you get to one goal: avoiding displeasure or gaining pleasure. You buy a car to get home faster, to avoid walking, to avoid getting tired, to avoid displeasure. You save some money, to buy tickets to a fun fair, to go on your favourite ride, to gain pleasure. Pleasure, avoidance of displeasure, pleasure, avoidance of displeasure, etcetera.

But is this the meaning of life? Not quite. ‘Meaning’, to me, is quite a heavy word. You say something has a meaning, but only because we say it does. Quantum relations happen, but just because of the way the universe behaves. Why does the universe behave like it does? Why does anything happen? I doubt you can answer that. I doubt anyone can. If we could genetically mutate a Homo Sapien, and give it an inhumanely great IQ, it would simply tell us that humans invent silly meanings, because our curiosity wants one. It doesn’t want the simple statement, “Things just happen - deal with it.”

But why do we want to keep living and gain more pleasure? In death we (presumably) feel nothing, and so we have a perfectly even balance of pleasure and displeasure: nothing of either. We avoid this because we are scared of not knowing what is on the other side. This is what causes us to be afraid of dark, or of going through an old, rusty metal door in a seemingly abandoned shack.

We want to know things. We want things to have answers. And that is why we invent meaning.


Minecraft is a very educational game if you want to have fun and get educated, Then Minecraft is the right game for you I’m going to give you a list

  1. It can make your child have very good building skills.
  2. It can help your child get much more education.

Minecraft is not free so if you search up Minecraft in the app store don’t buy Minecraft so just buy games like Minecraft for free.

Children like Minecraft because its very fun and also gives your children the experience to build there own mini worlds.The worlds are randomly built! Something you can do with your friends is join and build in their world.

A screenshot from Minecraft

This is what YOUR worlds could look like. And also there weekly updates that can allow you to get new blocks and new games.

Our favourite band

Little Mix on their 2013 DNA tour

Little Mix came from X Factor. They were the first group to win the competition.

And following their victory, they signed with Simon’s records to release a single. In 2012 their album DNA came out. The group won Best British Single for "Shout Out to My Ex" at the 2017 Brit Awards.

Amelie and Yara like this group because they like their songs. Our favorite one is Jade, she is really pretty and sings very well.

We recommend you to listen to them.

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