New Marston Times issue 1

Welcome to the first edition of the The New Marston Times, a school newsletter/magazine written and put together by our very own students. We’re aiming to publish a new edition every two weeks. Any students with ideas or contributions are welcome, either at the journalism club at Thursday’s after-school club, or via Ms Salido, or our editors Amie (year 4) and Charlotte (year 5).

Issue 1 3rd December 2017

Our school

New Marston Primary School

 An interview with

Ms Smith

In which our intrepid editors fearlessly expose the truth about cake, music, and even turnips, and uncover the shocking truth of Ms Smith's school days!

What’s your favourite ice cream?

Ooh, my favourite ice cream is probably something with salted caramel in it…

What’s your favourite colour?

I've got two, I like purple and I like black.

What’s your favourite subject, and was it your favourite when you were a child?

Ooh, that's a really good question! Erm, my favourite subject when I was a child was maths because I really enjoyed… it felt like solving puzzles to me and I really enjoyed the challenge but my favourite subject now is English. I love to teach English and I really enjoy English lessons.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an air hostess first of all and then I wanted to save the environment, and then I decided I'd like to be a teacher.

Do you like being headteacher?

I love being headteacher! I was a teacher for about… twelve years, and then I decided I'd like to be a headteacher.

Who’s your favourite author?

My favourite author is Charles Dickens. Some of you will know about Charles Dickens because you're doing 'A Christmas Carol' in class. Yeah, he's my favourite, and I always read a Charles Dickens book every Christmas holiday.

Do you like turnips?

Er, I like turnips if they're mashed up. I definitely like Swede, but I do like turnips as well.

What do you think of our school?

I love New Marston School! I didn't know how lovely it was until I got here, but I think the pupils, all the children, are really nice, there's a lot of kindness here and people really care about each other!

What ideas do you have to improve the school?

I think that it would be good to get parents more involved in the school, I think it would be good if we do more science, more sciency type things and we get a little bit more involved with Oxford University and with the John Radcliffe hospital and do science projects with them.

What is your favourite band?

My favourite band is called Radiohead.

Ooh, my dad likes them!

Does he? I think older people quite like Radiohead…

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

The place I would most like to go is Greenland and I’m really lucky because I'm going there in February for a few days!

What do you do in your free time?

I like to read! I know it doesn't sound very exciting, perhaps, but you like reading, both of you, don't you? I like nothing more if I've got some spare time, I really like to have a cup of tea and read for a few hours, read my book.

What’s your favourite cake?

Lemon drizzle! I love a lemon drizzle cake.

What’s the naughtiest thing you ever did when you were in school?

[Laughs] Erm, I can think of two things. One of them was when I was in year 6 I had quite a funny teacher, a bit like Mr Fields, and one day he was joking around and being a bit daft and I called him a silly man, and I got told off and I had to stay in for a few lunchtimes for that. And the other one was I hid in the cupboard once, with a friend, just to play a trick on our teacher.

Do you have pets and if so, which is your favourite?

I've got three cats and they're called Misty, Stanley and Bella, and I love them all the same!

International evening 9th November 2017

New Marston International Evening New Marston International Evening

International evening is about countries of the world. There's lots of nice food in Italy, Costa Rica and Romania. The people that were swinging swords about was Sudan. Some people were counting up to ten in Japanese. There was a game on the Romania table, and I did some colouring.

Year 3 Art

Bindi, Anime and Rangoli art Lines composition

This is my creation. It has loads of lines to make.

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