Meet the Team

The greatest resource the school has in meeting the needs of our children is adults. It is the daily interactions between adults and children which have the most impact on learning both academically and personally. We aim for the staff team to work dynamically in order to strive for the best outcomes for the pupils of New Marston Primary School.

Each class has one full-time equivalent teacher but there are several teaching assistants (TAs) who support children throughout the day. The partnership of teachers and TAs is key in supporting children’s progress within lessons; together they will teach, guide and support classes/groups throughout the whole school day. In addition to our regular staff, depending on additional local or national funding, further adults may be appointed on a short term basis to support specific groups of children.

Our staff team can be seen below: 


Tracey Smith

Deputy Headteacher

Scott Lewis

Inclusion Co-Ordinators

Rachel Vlachonikolis (Safeguarding and Medical)

Sarah Douglas

Nursery Nurse

Ruth Robins

EYFS Co-Ordinator & Reception Teacher

Lucy Scammell

Nursery Teacher and Leader 

Amy Waterson

Year 1 Teachers

Brian Pinnell; Kerry Minion 

Year 2 Teachers

Shahinaz EL-Alghoury; David Johnson

Year 3 Teachers

Christine Sahonta; Mark Wolstenholme

Year 4 Teachers

Dani Greenway; Kathryn Harris / Alex Tackie Yarboi

Year 5 Teachers

Scott Lewis/Leti Salido; Karolina Shapland

Year 6 Teachers

Ben Field; Nicky Procter, Liano Brown

Learning and Behaviour Mentor

Anne Beddoe

Year Sports and Well-Being Leader

Adam Godwin

Home School Link Worker

Kate Stratford

Teaching Assistants

Houda Abdelkarim; Amanda Champion; Leticia Garcia; Zoe Garrett; Donna Grimes; Frances Haynes; Becky Johnson; Bruno Johnson; Pushpa Lockwood; Stacey May; Victoria Newport; Maggie Nicholson; Ehi Obhiozele; Ruth Tilley; Beverly Wilkins; Jenny Winfield; Sabina Bi; Raffaella Perrino; Sandra Gras; David Matthews; Alessia Nigra; Sara Saudella; Leila Ellis

Hearing Resource Base

Hester Bond; Tina Davis; Sian Greenwood; Asifa Iqbal

School Business Manager

Tina Flannery

School Office Manager

Zoe Garrett

School Administrator

Cherelle Williams

Bernie Bisson

SEN Admin and Attendance Manager

Kelly Daniel


Rohan Murray


Magdalena Michalik

Kitchen Staff

Amy Harding; Lucy Langdon; Sarah Vickers; Caron Williams

Meet the Team

  • Headteacher 

    Tracey Smith

    Deputy Headteacher

    Scott Lewis

  • School Manager

    Tina Flannery

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